I will raise you hell... Well at least I will try to. So what is this Hellraiser blog nonsense and why the hell do I believe there is a need for another poker blog!? - The answer is easy. It´s not for you. If you gain some benefits out of it you´re welcome but basically it is made by me for myself.

I created this blog as a kind of workbench for me. To explain this a bit more in depth I have to tell you about me first...

I´m 36 years old and one of my favorite hobbies is playing poker. I play poker for about 13 years now and I played online limits up to NL400 already. After black friday hit the poker community and most of my roll was tied up I rebuilt some of it but not all and after FTP relaunched I cashed out almost all of my money spending it for christmas. As I didn´t played a lot of hands last year I don´t have that much practice right now and only a small roll of about $300 USD. Nevertheless I have huge dreams, as all poker players do have, and I think I´m still good enough for the bigger bussiness. However, money is rare this times so I stick to my actual roll and refuse to cash in some extra cash. So the roll for NL400 and above has to come from the green felts, that´s the place where real truth lies and in my case where I plan to raise you hell!

So here it goes. I made a plan how to do this challenge and how I believe it can be reached fastest with my limited resources.

First of all I made up my mind about the biggest leaks I have and how I will try to plug them.

I Balancing & Overthinking

Well, best to play level 0 thinking players is level 1 thinking. A lot of times I find myself making up my mind about "tough" spots only to find out the fish I played isn´t even close to think as far. Solution to this one is easy...

 -   No balancing without a definite read
 -   Adapt and exploit
 -   Always play straight forward for maximizing ev

II Laziness

To be honest I´m idle to the bone. So this will be my toughest leak to plug. Also it´s the reason why I start this blog. This blog should be motivation and a tool for self controll, helping me to improve on discipline.

 -   Hard work
 -   No excuses
 -   No put off
 -   Daily work on my blog
 -   3 times sport a week

III More planning

One very interesting thing in my life is that I work as an IT-consultant and solution architect. I create cool plans for my customers and I regulary argue with them not to stick to the plan but my myself in private is one big pandemonium...

 -   Creating a plan for poker
 -   Stick to the plan
 -   Lern from mistakes and integrate them into the plan

IV No Check/Call-Bullshit

Ok, guess every poker player knows what check/call is and also why it´s mostly totally bullshit. Solution is easy...

 -   Replace C/C with B/F
 -   C/C only in exceptional cases when I´m sure villain is going to bluff. I need a definite read on this!
 -   Being passive in poker will kill you!

V Curiosity

A thing which is real pain to my winrate is curiosity. Well may be curiosity is the wrong word. There´s simply not that much bluffing on micros- and low stakes so curiosity costs you money.

 -  Better to make a bad fold than a bad call!
 -   Use your brain!
 -   Count to 10 before calling a raise on river!
 -   A raise on river is almost always close to nuts!
 -   You need more to call than a bluff catcher!

VI No tricky play

I´ve seen so much fancy play and tricky lines on micros and lows that it´s impossible to count the money the guys have lost during their leveling wars.

 -   No fancy moves like C/R only because you can do it!
 -   Straight forward value poker is nuts
 -   Earn the money the hard way

VII Don´t play without HUD

In the past I played a lot of times withpout HUD. It works but it´s tough and I get tired really fast so it´s not good for multitabing. In addition those new tracking progis have some really cool feature like streetwise HUD´s and more which is a huge advatange.

 -   Don´t go to a gunfight only with a knife in your hand!
 -   Learn to use the HUD more effective
 -   Learn to use the latest tracking software
 -   You have to use a tracker to analyze your results

So say good bye to the old Duck and welcome the new super professional Duck 2.0! XD

Now as you know about my biggest leaks and how I´ll try to plug them I will introduce you to my overall game plan. No worries, it is a really simple plan. XD


As said starting Bankroll is $300 USD. I will play on the following Rooms:

 -   PokerStars
 -   Full Tilt
 -   Party Poker
 -   888

Moneybooker will be used as e-wallet for easy transfer between the rooms.


$100 -> Shot NL5 (20 Stacks)

$250 -> Shot NL10 (25 Stacks)

$750 -> Shot NL25 (30 Stacks)

$2,500 ->Shot NL50 (50 Stacks)

$7,500 -> Shot NL100 (75 Stacks)

$20.000 -> Shot NL200 (100 Stacks)

After reaching NL200 I will stick to a 100 stacks BRM. I will always play at least 3 stakes at the same time. Base level, shot level and a down level. A new base level is reached when stack count has reached the number of stacks for the nnext higer shot level as shown above.

I will go down in stakes when stack count is below the number needed for the next lower shot level.

10 stack rule for max amount of money on poker room account. Stop loss limit is 5 stacks. Break will be at least 12h.
Mission Objectives

 -   Playing at least 5 days a week
 -   At least 1.5k hands a day
 -   At least 9k hands a week
 -   For each 10k hands 1 stack of the base level will be cashed out
 -   Winrate is reduced virtually by 1bb/100 by regular cashout
 -   BRM is always set
 -   I will track the roll by using a software or an excel sheet

I have set some additional goals to reach on a daily or weekly base for developing my discipline and to improve as a poker player:

-    1h of theoretical studies per day (video/articles/books)
-    write a short summarization each day
-    1h of sessionreview per day played
-    2h of coaching per week
-    Posting 1 hand per week on 2+2/Intelli/PokerStrategy
-    Maintaining this blog daily

Those objectives are set  until further notice. I will reevaluate after 3 months and post about my success once every month.

Ok, now you know what my plan is and how I try to reach my goals, as well as you now know why this blog is existing.

Thanks a lot if you have read that and good luck at the felts!


[x] January - all goals have been reached so far.

[ ] February