Alright January is finished as I decided what my goals are late in January I have had already had to move down stakes on Stars, but hey I have not reloaded. The plan for February is well play at my current stake until I have built up roll to move up. I have also decided to stake for 100 games 45mans 25c. In the past my tendencies would have been say to say I play 150 games but at a higher buyin If I do well great if i bust well so be it. Now prudence demands practice first with someones else money lol (my backer knows this) get a good feel for the game and determine whether it is something I truly enjoy and then I can play higher still using BR management. These goals are applicable to the other sites I play on as well. So on that I am currently doing Rush Week while I have purchased a huge bonus (I had laods of FTP points and I still Diamond status) so hopefully can clear bonus and keep the levels up for Rush Week to clear that as well. Will update on numbers in thread.

GL to me and all