'This Video's Great Because it deals with deep stack play which is something I am very interesed in.

It is from Team Pokerstars Pro Mathias De Meulder NL100 6 max Deepstack Session.

It starts with explaining some history with other players showing that there will be some meta game tatics and analysis invovled.

Talks about some adjustments that need to be made when playing deep regarding hands, bet sizing, 3 nd 4 bet pots. playing In Position and playing Out Of Position. 

He recognises that playing out of position against any oppenent is hard enough it is even harder when deep and the person has some knowledge and is able to use their position to their advantage therefore making your life hell.

Therefore the ability to let big hands go when putting your entire stack at risk 200bb + is essential unless you have very specific reads that your opponent is way overly aggressive and will spew entire stack on bluffs.

It goes in some detail about 4 bet bluffing In position gets stronger and getting AK suited or off is not a plus EV play at 250bb.

All the while he is explaing these concepts it is drawing examples from hands being palyed live or going over on repalyer.

Talks about having stats on opponents especially on turn and river plays to try and pick up on some of their tendencies. 

the though process on himself and other oppponents on various plays the whys and why not move is in depth and again with the use of examples from the hand being played.

he shows how to deal with limpers and squeezes where sometimes it is ok to call a squeeze if in position and effective stacks are deep enough.

All in all a very good video with two more parts to watch.