The days might be hard the journey long and arduous dangerous and fraught with highs and lows many adventures along the way .We might not get there as quickly as we want but a good wine cannot be rushed it takes time to mature and be at its best .

Throughout the first crop off acorns the squirrel is gathering those nuts storing in many places so he has enough to see him through whilst all the time gorging himself silly .Yes eventually another squirrel will find one or two off the hiding places and take his nuts but the clever squirrel knows this he is prepared for this eventuality hence the hiding places .He does not get angry or upset for he knows it will happen .

So store all the nuts you can keep them safe and gorg yourself on all the nuts when you get them but always rememeber not to get angry and upset sometimes your nuts will get nicked but sometimes you will nick the nuts .

Look after your poker nuts guys/gals like the awesome squirrel have fun . be safe be happy there is a song in there somewhere but anyways from me too you and the ramblings off mad man take care and be lucky .