So after getting it in good more often than i am getting it in bad i am happy not won as many as i maybe should have done being in front recently but hey i am a happy bunny .Playing well getting unlucky but i am feeling positve especially after i tell you my plan to give me an unfair advantage in the luck stakes but you gotta promise not to to tell anyone  hush hush keep it to yourself .  

So i was thinking what to do to give my game that extra push it needs well study more study i hear you cry nah i will  let  you in to a little  secret its time to break out the lucky pants yep sorry guys but you asked for it so as this will give me an unfair advantage i will say sorry now to all the players i will undoubtly suckout on .I normally break the pants out twice a year but i have spoken to stars support and they have allowed me to use them for the month off August .They are aware off there lucky power so have restircted me in the past but as i have had my bad share of luck recently they have be so kind as to let me use them so thank you stars much love , 

So when your thinking how good some players run trust me it is all about the lucky pants .You honestly don't think it is through hard work and dedication do you lol ?do not be silly how do you think Jason mercier  Daniel negreanu etc got to be two off the best palyers on the planet lucky pants remember you heard it here first . Untill next time hit the nuts and be lucky guys/gals