Hi guys not been playing much poker off late had things in life to attend too .But managed to fit the odd masters tourney in which has not gone well lol everything that could go wrong with my campaign has not sure what i have done to the poker gods but they are not on my side in the masters won't bore you with details you know how it is that is poker sometimes i am just worried i really have to find some points from somewhere  .

But my main reason for the blog today is the vile chat i seen this morning at my table in the masters directed towards a player who did not deserve the abuse and trust me it was disgusting  i have seen it many times and only once or twice contacted stars when it did not involve myself shame on me .Well tonight i had enough so i decided it was my duty to report this to stars even though i was not the player that the hate was directed at and i call on every player if they see hate and abuse directed at another player report it even if it does not involve yourself do it i urge you .All stars need is the tourney number and your table and the player who is abusing .Go to help in the client contact support select General and sub category you will see report chat abuse as easy as that 

Stars reponded quickly to my report and took action within less then 10 minutes off me reporting it  kudos to them so impressed by that response . They want to sort this we have to help them  rid  the site off this disgusting behavoiur they can not do it alone it is our duty to report it lets stamp this out . Nothing wrong with banter but there is an element over the last year on the site that has got worse i have had enough and so have many players and  stars is sick of it too .So if your at my table and you are abusive to any player expect me to report you .

Lets cut it out be nice and support new players to the site we want everyone to play here if your on the end off that abuse why on earth would you want to play here you wouldn't .Lets be nice to each other  So lets all stop moaning about abusive chat and do something about it no excuse it takes a minute to report . It is all off our site enough is enough report it  do the right thing report it !!! 

Good luck guys/gals at the tables i am off to make a offering to the poker gods . Take care untill next time my fellow tilt monkeys love yer have a good one .