Hey my fellow tilt monkeys as you are probably all aware i have always had a problem with the tilt monkey some days i am prepared for that little fella i crush him but i was pondering having a little think about why i do it off course we do it after bad beats where we believe we are entitled to win the hand we might be ahead with but the cards have no feeling if they was a person you would probably would be kicking them in the nuts all day to just be polite and return the favour to them thats if you could lift your leg after being kicked in the nuts every day .

It is  something we all need to get used too if we want to be not only good players but profitable players we have to control that beast . Trust me guys /gals i know how hard it is your talking to a expert i might not be at poker but i am at tilt so how do you keep it under control you might ask well that is not easy as poker is full off uncertains which you can not control for players like me who are not robots it is tough . I believe for me it is when i am tired , hungry annoyed about something the list goes on and on you could have personnel stuff going on health issues that affect you .

Someone in chat can send me other the edge .So here is what i try to do guys to keep the monkey in check i jog and workout but when i miss my jog like i have last few days because i twisted my knee at judo so i have been pretty miserable as i always am when i can not jog . But try working out or go for a nice walk it gets rid off stress and will relax you guys make sure your not hungry eat before session have some snacks during you session make sure you have plenty to drink .If the chat bugs you and you can not trust yourselff that you wont turn into a monster from the nice person you are which only poker brings out contact support get them to ban your chat privilages they willl they are great i am on a 2 week chat ban at moment as i asked them they was good enough to do it .

Try and get some sleep and dont play straight away when you wake up make sure you have time to chill first .Set limits in the software for buyins if it affects you where you go up limits to chase even restrict how much you can depoist if you bust your roll chasing during tilt 

Make sure anything you have do to for that day is done so you have your head clear to focus and not worry about what your supposed to do that day . Study make sure you know as much as you can know for any given situation so your prepared put a note on your computer or tape it too your monitor that you will help it can be a picture a photo something that can help you get through  the negative thoughts that affect your play be strong guys/gals rememeber to laugh in the face off variance and next time you see him kick him in the nuts for me .

I know it is hard guys/gals but tilt should not be allowed to affect our game so lets not let it ok if it really gets too much stop playing would be my best advice above all else for a day a week an hour  ten minutes whatever you can do to get the monkey back under control . have a good one guys untill next time . Let me know how you deal with your pesky monkey