Hey what's up guys so the masters so far has gone terribly two games in on the plus side i hit another final table early hours this morning took second after being pretty tired i just wanted to go sleep and i did i fell alseep twice on the final table i had the beating prety much off the table nobody i was worried about and i should have won but i was just too tired and i wanted to go to  bed we fought for an hour over 100 big blinds deep so i took a risk to end it early he hit the 3outer on the river and i brick all my outs not upset i played really well . 

I learned alot in this tournament more than any other i have played i certainly have never played my stack as well as this i doubt I have made better decisions in any tounrament then this one .I am beginning to find out who i am as a player and what kind off player i want to be and i have identifed how i can become that player .I think it is important for players to think about what kind off player they are and what player they want to become and work towards that goal . 

I hear all the time by players to win tournaments you have to be lucky and i use to think that and partly it is true but it is not the whole story being lucky is a small part you have to learn how to build those stacks keep those stacks make good reads look for good spots make the right moves make the tough laydowns take a few risks it  does not come down to just the cards that you hold it involves so many factors then what i have listed it makes it sound simple but all these factors and many more have to come together to give you a shot at a final table it does not happen by accident .If you think it is down to luck as player and that alone you will never achieve your full potential as a player stop limiting yourselves study and work hard there is no other way give yourself the best chance .

There is a reason i have reached more final tables this year than all my years combined playing if you want to say it is down to luck thats fine .But i know now what it really takes to be at final tables month after month you keep just thinking it is luck and i will keep making final tables . You see the same players making Final tables accident no not at all .I am nowhere near the finished player i have lots to learn still but i intend to keep learning keep progressing so strip your game down be all you can be and i wish you all the success and happiness in your lives be safe guy/gals take care untill next time .