So that is me done for the league 32 games down and one game to go but promotion secured with my last showing a final table and a 6th place finish with AK vs 55 i hit the ace on flop he hit the set turn so nearly the win i was craving to finish with but not to be .But great to finish strongly delighted to be in the masters for next month a little worried now i have just seen if i get relegated worse case and a disaster i will drop to the bottom tier i think that is unfair surely i should just drop back down to university. That is silly who knows off any league  structure where you reach the top level and then if relegated drop to the basement league you won't find it !!! so not happy about that but i guess i have to make sure i keep my place and fight for it as much as i can and hope to run good throughout .

i know one thing thou if i ever drop to the bottom tier i am done with the league for good i have nothing to gain by playing it sounds bad me saying it but it really would not be worth me doing it .It would be like going back in time to play the open league all over never again . I feel all i have gained playing good players learning from them in the univeristy would be lost to play the elementary and take my game backwards i can not risk it with the gains i have made this month So i need to fight more than ever to make sure that does not happen to study like never before to shoot for the top prize in the masters to secure my place and fight with the best players to earn my right to stay in the top tier .

it is nothing agaisnt those players in the elementary there will be some very good and excellent players there all i mean is on the whole i know it will be pretty much a fold feast for me again and i never enjoyed it . i know i cant learn as much  there lots off players will learn there but i need to play better players on a regular basis to further my game as i am past the new player stage i hope players do not take offence to me saying i dont want to play in the elementary it is not an ego thing it is just i am seeking bigger improvements and advances in my game which i believe the elementary cannot provide me with unlike the masters good luck to you guys in the elementary and when you get promoted you will understand what i mean by my comments i hope take care guys. Let  the war commence ,Good luck guys at the tables .