Hey guys well this month in the university has been a step up from my league ranking off the first month so happy about that considering i am not getting in as many games as other guys . i missed out on a lot off games early on but grabbed some decent scores to get me up the league and my first league win to rocket me up the table  to set me up for what i did not realise was a possible promotion to the masters i figured maybe i needed another two too three scores to achieve it within the games that was left i had plenty off games in hand so that was good as a lot off guys just below me had played all there games so could not catch me .

Only one final table so pretty gutted about that would have loved more this month but i got the win so that was important and fantastic i played too aggressive in some spots where i could have took points easily and made lots more final tables similar to last month where i got too aggressive on the bubble off the final table lesson learned hopefully but i grabbed my first win so great to get that out the way I think there is 6 games left as i write so my position in the league and promotion is for cetain i am pretty sure so the masters here i come gulp . I did not cash in the league itself this month which is pretty disappointing .I missed out on more points due to aggression again after my win to not score for 5 games i think when i was certain off points in 3 off those .I love the promotion and relegation it gives an added incentive to hold onto your league status . 

I have learned alot  this month and last month which has grown my game playing some very good players it has been brilliant i have enjoyed it and took lessons from guys that are making not one final table a month but 7 or 8 clearly no luck there they have proven that they are a level above most players in the league and i have bumped into those same players running deep time after time they have inspired me to improve my game and hopefully one day be as good as them . 

I can only talk about my own experience in the university league but for me without a shadow off doubt the changes are fantastic the play in the games is tough but enjoyable and a learning experience for me . i expect the games to get even tougher but i am thinking this can only be good for my game to get to play way better players than myself .I never loved the old system but this has suited me so much i love it i can not get enough off the games my level off play has improved because off it .

The chance to play even better players in the masters is something i am looking forward too . My plan was to hold onto my place in the university and the second thing was get a league win to cash and gain promotion i have done three off the four  this month so i am happy .My first thing in the masters will be to hold onto my place anything else is a bonus .

From me A* To stars and all the crew in PSO who put the leagues together awesome work guys for me nothing needs changing not in the unuversity anyway . Good luck guys at the tables have a good one .