Hey guys after the final tables last week and no 1st tonight i should say this morning i took down the hot $1.10 so chuffed about it after all the close calls off late playing well and not quite getting there . It was a tournament i wasnt even going to enter my last tourney off the night made a deal at the end to split after i was at the time 4 to 1 down in chips so $200 each and we played for the last $10 and the glory beat out a field off 1665 players .



It was a tough tournament and i played pretty solid got a nice double up to start when a very aggressive player ran into my QQ . It was a steady grind building my stack got a great double up late on when i hit a set vs a another aggressive player busted him never really got it in bad put the pressure on the small stacks and kept building ended up being down to the last 20 and having tomtom a player also from the uk who ended up finishing 4th a really good player just destroyed the table i was on i learned alot from him it was good aggression he adapted way better than anyone at the table.

Down to the last 12 and i am lying 5 in chips with three off the chip leaders at my table which was tough as they was applying pressure i did not panic as i would have a few months ago .It has helped so much getting to these spots more often than i have ever have before .I picked my spots and took loads off notes on players . I would have froze before and been looking to level up but the more i have got to this point in a tournament i am looking for wins . The key i think was two notes i took prevoius on a player which because off i called for my life for a massive double up ATs vs A8o . Nearly picked up another big pot but my 77 where busted by A3o worked my stack up to well over a million in end before final table made me 4th overall and a real chance .

Heads up clawed back from 4 to 1 down too be honest i was happy vs the player i was facing then TOMtom he would have been a nightmare headsup lol . I am pretty confident in my headsup game these days mainly down to sng as you get headsup alot and the second place i got in the stars freetoll headup which does not run now i won around 14 heads up matches that night gave me a lot off confidence . And i play alot off the sat 4 max tables where top 2 get the ticket out off 16 done pretty well in those heads up . The brasil player rober_cvel was a really good player  and had been the chip leader for most off the tournament so delighted to beat him as i was 4 to 1 down in chips .  . 

After the final tables last week i learned a lot and it was still fresh in my head from the mistakes i made i have been getting to the top 20 places in tournaments alot so i am learning how better to push me to more final tables it is hard but after you have been playing for hours to bust in 20th or better and miss the final table it is gutting but you have to take those chances and not be results orriented it is hard thou . So nice to get the win just makes all the hard work worthwhile . And the hot $1.10 is one off my favourite tourneys i have always wanted to win it so chuffed .

The thing that made this run so pleasing was i acutally played really well made good moves couple off good bluffs mixed in and a couple off good reads where bluffs told no story made some good laydowns and got lots off thin value off course luck plays a part . Only really one sticky hand when i got in KJ in vs AQ but i had him covered in chips my KK got busted vs T4 but i had him covered as well i was down to 8 bb at that point so for the win is just brillant . I learned alot from this tourney and this year from the PSO community without them there is no way i would have won this tourney and had the deep runs i have had . So thanks to you guys i owe you for my improvement this year and for changing aspects off my play and alot off my thinking even if i slip back into bad habits to much hope to keep those bad habits under lock and key more . So thanks again guys PSO .

Great morning had some awesome chats with other players and made some new buddies hey boof if your reading this let me know how you did in the bounty so close to another final table lol i can't be greedy thou so hope you made it .

Good luck guys at the tables & fingers crossed i will see you at a Final table soon