Hey whats up guys so great week so far my second final table in my now favourite tournament the $2.20 bubble rush i just love the pace off it  .Back too back final tables in the exact same tournament two days running 9th yesterday and a 6th today getting closer played pretty well chip leader for a while but couldn't close it out . Ran my KQ into QQ in the end to bust blind vs blind made some great reads and a couple off folds to sets nice to see hands played out too know your right about the read made a monster bluff to get me into good shape and a few good calls . 

Reg late for both the touneys was not going to play it this morning but after the run off yesterday in same tournament thought hey lets see and boom i make it . Gutted not to win it after another FT but guess there is always tomorrow .Got alot off thin value which made the difference. And a few timely bluffs . Game is looking good at the moment still got a lot offf work to do but heading in the right direction i think only time will tell .Made some good improvements after studying my game in depth but froze up a little today when i should have pulled the trigger still thinking about a bad move yesterday that cost me the win . Must focus less on results and convert more off the Final tables into wins .

Great to win a few crucial flips at those times when you need them to hold . Making those important folds and those calls can make or break a tournament You need luck yes but you need so much more which i am learning your not always going to get it right but if you do get it right the glory is an awesome feeling

Good luck guys hope to see you at my next FT  and may you win all your flips