Hey whats up my fellow degens well i got into the University league so pretty chuffed as it was the league i wanted to qualify for as the masters was out off reach unless i played the sats . I think it might not be a bad thing to start in a league below to get use to the format  and it gives me something to aim for . 

So i could not play many games at the beginning off the month but it has been nice not feeling the pressure off having to fit 160 games in knowing everyone has the same amount off games now for me thats awesome .  Bad start no score first 4 games  but since the early games i have changed up my style in reaction to other players so far so good just picked up my 4th score it  should have been my 5th score but i went silly when i would have scored easily lesson learned . so a 4th score in 11 and my 4th score in last 7 not bad points on the board guess going to have to wait and see how it works out by the end second score in a row So got be happy with that great to have points on board . i was worried after the first 4 games Looking to bank more points and push for better finishes . 

I am loving the format suits me perfectly players still adapting so it is getting interesting i still have over 41 games to score pretty nice as alot off guys above me have played way more games then me so hoping i can keep pushing pick up some better scores deepest so far 20th i was lying 9th at time so might have missed out on a final table finishes so far 20th 26 43 72nd the last two have not been put on yet as off writing .

Made the final table off the $2.20 bubble rush got 9th pretty gutted played really well had a few deep runs last few days my end game is getting rhere as i am getting there more often hard work paying off it seems had a few tilt issues over the last week after i allowed a few rough beats to affect me happy with the way i have been playing .I have been using the league as my training ground for tourneys trying parts of my game i have been working on seems to be working so far anyway . I know other players are playing it different i have seen changes already in the last few days with players adapting to the fomat . Going to get tougher but a nice challenge . And if i see anything other players are doing that appears successful i will add it to my game .

I want to at least grab enough results not to drop to the high school or  the elementary to be honest i would be gutted and would probably drop the league alltogether if i had to go back to the shove fest off bingo poker in the elementary . That is the least i want to do . I am hoping i can get a final table or two there is one player who has made 2 final tables for two 2nds impressive . Move up the league fingers crossed for the cash places after the new points i think i will be around 200 ish . My overall feeling is the league i am in anyway is great the play is decent to good and some good players and i am really enjoying the format , 

Good luck guys at the tables and whatever leaguie your in