My blogs can be heavy i write how i feel at that moment i don't have a huge deep level thinking off poker there are plenty off guys better qualifed than me to give you that i just like to share my thoughts and show a human side to all the numbers i am a passionate person i wear my heart on my sleeve but there is room for that in poker we all can't be robots and maybe that might stop me from soaring the heights off poker if that is the case then thats ok i wont stop working to make other peoples dreams come true as that  is what pushes me not my dreams but the people around me in my life  and i know there are many players like me its not about our dreams but others .

Poker has many effects on players young and old male or female sometimes it can be a positve effect sometimes a negative effect many off our flaws and strengths are on show when we play .Some days it brings out the best in us some days it brings out the worst . All i ask is behind the keyboard we are people with different struggles different reasons for playing poker and there are many .some players don't have the chances off other players ie education up bringing or have the same opportunities so they start behind the pack not only in life and poker . But poker gives them a chance with hard work to achieve there dreams . Lets not be quick judge people lets be honest as players and show a community thats strong and united in support of another player rememeber the player behind the keyboard there is a person with feeling and dreams like you , 

Seen this earlier link below thought  it was a pretty awesome response from the big guy . Made me think off my sister and the way people would look at her because as they seen her as somehow different but to me she was funny clever and kind and could ride a horse like no one i have ever known she could swim like a fish super talented and gifted . she had to endure alot of pain throughout her short life and overcome many struggles without a moan or grumble . Some people will never understand the struggles off others to overcome something that might be small to them which they take for granted . 

So if we have food in our bellys a roof over our head our health intact and money to play poker why do we as poker players moan so much me included i guess some days poker does not seem so important . What happened to the world where it was ok to get enjoyment from making someone else feel bad . My sisters birthday was on the 22nd off march i will always miss her and that laugh and smile . 

I guess for me i am starting to recognise that you have to find your own path like life right or wrong and that certain things influences make you a certain type off player . So instead off cursing out a player or bemoaning his play maybe he is new to the game or trying to identify as a different type off player just because he plays different from maybe myself or you does not make him a bad player maybe he or she is setting a trend trying things out messing around with there game to find there own path .There always somebody that takes the flak for being a leader untill everyone else sees the logic off what they may be doing .

So when somebody calls wider than you  or shoves wider than you plays ranges different from you uses strategys different from yours lets not be quick to judge and allow that player to play there own style without criticism . I honestly am starting to think there is too much looking down noses at players who are different from the norm i say lets embrace those differences .

I guess what i am saying is not only accept and learn to love and embrace the differences in people but your fellow player however he might play so lets stop  cursing players and be grateful we can play poker and see that player as maybe different from you and celebrate it as a unique style lets stop with the fish stuff etc i hate it not nice . Lets make new players want to play here not be rude and point out there faults as you might see it . new and old players are refining and improving there game you might not get what there doing and might not see it as correct but they might  be correct so lets pack it in .

 Arnies response just made me think off how we treat players at the table and how in general we are quick to put down people in society i am asking you as a fellow player reading this do something nice for someone today no matter how small you might think it is it will matter to that person same goes for at the tables lets buck the current trend and be nice and not curse out or belittle our fellow players . Good luck at the tables . Take care guys .