So i decided to take advantage off some off the promos from stars which i don't  really do often but from now on i will as they are too good to miss silly not too right . so i bagged myself a free $10 a free sunday million sat anniversary ticket and a shoot out freeroll ticket and 5 spin and go tickets off $1 each  so yeah prety sweet . 

Finished  in the sat ticket 181 out off 1000+ top nine get the buyin for sunday million 11th anniversary  ran  into a better hand when i was being aggressive sb vs bb so no grumbles here so close yet so far still have a week to get the ticket not sure if i will get it but i will have a go at a few off the sats hoping to bag the buyin .

The spins and goes never hit any off the jackpots never mind but i did bag two wins for $4 so not bad for free money

Then came the freeroll sunday million allin shootout  $10.000 1st place $1000 very nice i never won that  congrats to that player thou enjoy the money but  i did get  21st for $50 so thats prettty nice to have some luck to bag that  was really nice and a welcome surpirse .Buyin was a cert for the sunday million anniversary if i got that $1000. Just under a week to go so will have a go at the sats if bankroll allows .

Too play in a tournament like the sunday million anniversary would be amazing i know the field will be huge but too be making history and have a chance to play for a million $ for first is just what dreams are made off and somebody in less than a weeks time will have there dreams realised so good luck to everyone that plays in the anniversary million . 

So guys if there is free money up for grabs from stars why dont you go grab yourself some like i did netted me $64 you would be a lemon not too .So thanks stars a welcome boost to my bankroll . 

Cheerio guys have a good one in life and at the tables .

This is an update after being moved by the events in East Africa i have decided to donate the $64 which is roughly equal to £50 and i am going to add another £50 it is not much as i don't have much but there are people in this world who have nothing so i am lucky .They will make better use off it then me my donation will go to the East Africa Crisis Appeal run by oxfam in the Uk as direct support for those who need it the most in this world‎ not sure if i am allowed to put the website . See you later guys have a good one .