I spent so long in the wild with my poker not having any direction for years not knowing how to improve .Then i got inspired by accident finding the pokerschool reading the blogs people had  took the time to share and help others .Within the forums with so much help people being genuine in there help wanting you to improve your game .

I haven't always took the advice and applied it properly not all the concepts i understand and i still struggle but i will use the guys/gals here more to help me understand where i am going wrong . Everyone of the guys/gals in the forums will help you .If your stuck you dont get something dont do a me make sure you ask that question from the start of your poker adventure . I am better at asking now then i was at the start .There is such a wealth off knowledge there use it guys .Everyone here at the pokerschool are good people and will help you improve your game beyond measure .

We all think we can do this poker adventure alone its impossible you can't you seek improvement in your game use the pokerschool don't be in the wild like me and so many others have been or still are .You want to get better quicker here is the place to start .You will make friends as well as poker buddys to help you even more . 

Maybe try to write a blog like me mine are pretty terrible but it is my way if only a small way of giving back a little to the community to keep it alive .My knowledge is just not strong enough to play a part more in forums as there are guys that will give you way better info about the game then me . 

If we dont use or contritube to our community it dies lets not let that happen use the school guys use everything that is here to help your game silly not to right ? win win as far as i can see . So if you have never had a look at the school and the forums , blogs videos everything else that is on offer than give it a look trust me it  will be the best thing you will do this year to advance your game . 

Thank you to all the people here at pokerschool that have helped me and thousands off others . You mods in the forums still kick squirrel nuts .Thanks also to stars and all the guys /gals that work for them and for providing us all with such an amazing platfform to not only learn and improve our game but the chance to change our lives .

Take care guys thanks for reading all three off you good luck at the tables and much love to you and yours have a good one .