So here i am swinging upside down from the orange tree singing with a mouth full of jelly babies wearing a pair of wet soggy socks dipped in warm rice pudding thinking .

Maybe there comes time when you have to put that sticky pudding down and pick up your belt cause your trousers are falling down . Hey i could talk about the bad beats and have a moan and forget the times i sucked out on someone but i am not going to do that nah sick of that  besides who hasnt got the same story to tell . .I was thinking about the various kinds of poker players there are and we all have something in common we are all complete nut cases that belong on a squrrel ward playing with nuts  . 

What is it with the mentality of players that drives so many it cant be just for money can it ? maybe its the dream of having enough money to buy a bath tub full off chocolate .Or maybe they have a deep obession with the word nuts and as such strive to have the nuts or maybe thats just me .

Success or failure does it simply come down to a graph i guess i used to think that but poker is so much more isn't it .Poker players seem to have this obession like no other with anything that has a number in it . Maybe thats it a passion for numbers i have to admit  i have always liked statistics . Is that the differnce between guys/gals that play for fun and those that try and make it there living who strive to get better and be winners and have a graph that lookslike  the edge of a sweet cheescake slice on its side , 

The more i think about it is it an obession with numbers ,statistics a hatred of losing hence get better or do some guys just like pretty graphs .or is it just the bucks i honestly dont think it is or maybe the best players are just sad loners who have no friends oh wait a minute thats me . 

Maybe we should all try to be somewhere in the middle have a little more fun stop being so serious take a leaf out of players that play for fun and try not to be so obessed with the size of our graphs .

Anyways guys thats another ramble and confused blog from me .If i see you at the tables and you take my chips look after them with care they meant so much to me . Have fun on your poker journeys guys and if you make it obession or not i wish you well have a good one dont be good be lucky .Comments and your thoughts are very welcome .share the love and the chips around guys/ladies . Untill next time toodaloo .