Hey guys what's up back again wanted to pay tribute to Jason mercier just watching the poker god on twitch playing the high roller being accompianed by the awesome wonderful Mr Jason somerville another amazing player and also one of my favourites  what a treat to see him streaming .His Kings just ran into Aces pure class in his reaction to him losing the hand for a massive pot to leave him 17 bb to make the 5bet jam knowing he could be beat by Aces .I just learned a lot right there he stayed calm making the right decision and not being results orriented and accepted it not bitching or moaning or cursing his luck and said he would have changed nothing about his play wow bare in mind guys this is a $102.000 buy in !!! . And i moan about losing a few dollars buy in . 


Next time i bitch and moan i will have a smile to myself remind myself of how professional Jason Mercier was over a tournament that was worth $102.000 and his decision to not change anything about his play risking so much money keeping a cool head and just moving onto the next hand really impressed . Clearly not only hard work but the right mental approach to the game is why these guys are the cream of poker . He just got busted but i think he is rebuying i hope so . I really hope he runs well quality player and all round nice good guy . If we all can adopt this kind of attitude weather we win or lose with the right mental approach we can all be winners .Take care guys