what's up guys decided to give the open league another go i really feel it is unfinished business .  i have the chance to play at least a hundred games which is what i believe is how many you have to play to have even have a chance to win it . i dont just want to make up the numbers i really would like to win it as it is something that has bugged me ever since i joined the site i want to test my self and see if i am capable of it. I have never had the opportunity  to play this many games in a month so now or never or this could always remain unfinished business.


Six games in and i am wondering why i have put myself through this it is like putting your balls in a vice and turning not that i make a habit of doing that just weekends you understand . I have scored in five so far mostly min scores and one decent score  to be frank it has been a struggle seems lots has changed since i played at a least handful of these games . I really believe it is a test for me to prove my skill over the long run and prove i have improved against  players i feel i should be beating .Hope that does not sound arrogant that is certainly not what i mean more with my level of experience i mean i should be beating this format in the long run i believe . 

I really havent be able to get anyhing going hopefully my run good will come later in the league for a big push nothing seems to have gone much my way so far i have managed three times to gain points from a losing postiion and lose the min in another one. Not been picking up hands and my tables have been way too agrressive to do anything the format is so different from playing normal tournaments you really have to think about the league in a different way it is the long haul i have to keep reminding myself . Plenty of time for me to pick up big points just got to stop myself from getting frustrated . I am aware i need to adapt to the league more and find out what is the best way of playing to max points . It really is very odd folding hands when i would normally be jamming them in certain situations alot of situations have arisen so far which i am not certain i am playing optiimal . But i guess this is also one of the reasons i have returned to the osl i want to see where my level over the long term is over a league format as poker is a game of the long haul i believe this could be my ultimate test .

I would love to hear of guys who have achieved the first place or top 100 in the league and how they have progressed in there poker education. Tips and comments always welcome guys and if i can help you as a fellow player playing this month in the osl give us a bell take care guys . I will update next week some time good luck at the tables and who ever you are if your playing the league this month i wish you all the best .