Hey guys been having a deep look at the lobby after all the new changes to tournaments and what did i find a weird and magical place !! no guys not my hobbit cave down the bottom of the garden not this time

I found the place of the crazies who play hyper ko omg i watched a few as i was searching the new shedule for something to play and i stumbled along the 36 man Ko hyper/turbo . It was great the tournament was over within 10 minutes lol why i am tempted by them it is crazy they just look like so much fun the players are crazy i think i have found home These guys are fearless but i do not fancy burning through my bank roll lol done that enough times already

And so the pm begins by hyper players asking me to play so they can eat this sardine as soon as i have posted this blog lol . I so wish i could play these . Not played any of the new shedule yet but i will i am gutted it has changed as i loved the format of my favourite tournaments but things have to change not always for the better but who knows it maybe a master stroke by stars and i will love it in time and find some tournaments i want to play . 

One thing the new shedule has done is break me out of my comfort zone to go and explore the lobby more open the filters up to new games cant be a bad thing me thinks otherwise i would have not been looking at the crazy hyper -ko lol . Anyways love you guys in the hypers see you soon probably my crazy friends sure i bumped my head today or was it at birth anyways guys gotta go hobbit tea to do ltr8s 


Ps gl at  life,happiness, love and the tables  . now where did i put my pills