hey guys, 

           decided to up the stakes and challenge myself going to try and focus all my energy into poker over the next couple of months to rise through the ranks to see if i can do it when all my energy is focused to achieve  pro .  set myself 200 bi level to give me a cushion when i run bad like i have for most of this year lol . If i bust BR no more if i bust that is it . I want to conquer tilt and direct all my energy into making good decisions at the table and winning and improving and taking my game to the next level . And see if i have what it takes to make it in the poker world as harsh as it is . Time for the moaning about bad beats to stop time to refocus and strive for the dream . 

You may be wondering if you have read any of my recent blogs that i said i did not want to be pro .The reason is for the change is when i am hundred percent i am very focused and driven and i have not done that with poker well  time for change, time to achieve time to crush ,i am taking coaching to help me spot my mistakes and have joined a focus group and a sykpe group with good players and already even thou i am still running cold it is nice to know after speaking and talking to players who play much higher limits than me that i am not doing much wrong just need to stick with it and results will follow .Being told i have some talent is very lifting .

If my game does not improve after the changes i am making and results do not follow than i will concede defeat and put an end to my poker journey i will focus my energy on other parts of my life . I want to start playing live events the big ones later on at least by middle of next year .I want to visit some of the amazing locations around the world where poker tournaments are held and meet some of the best players in the world .  I want to give 100% rather than 60% and i believe by putting pressure on myself i will get to where i want to be at poker i am tired of underachieving . 

I will try to keep an update of at least one blog of my progress every month . Good luck guys on your journey's please feel free to comment or pm . Would be great to know what you guys are thinking . Pokerstars pro here i come