Hey guys ,

Heres yet another blog just trying to contribute a little to the communtiy have a go guys you have all read my blogs well i have they are not great but the beauty is they do not have to be but you get a chance to get a  big bang ticket which is pretty cool . And you are helping to keep the blogs section a live be a shame to see it go . I really enjoy reading other blogs so have ago .

Well today and yesterday i have stripped my game back to the bones looking at things in fine detail to be honest it felt good it is something i have not done enough off .I got lazy off the tables lost focus. I found leaks i did not think i had . The data surpised me today i feel better prepared to play . So the new regime will be to review for at least an hour before play every day to my shame i have not been on top off my analysis for a long time i got sloppy and it reflected in my results of late  .  Never stop working at your game ever guys. 

On another note many of you guys will be aware there was a big server problem which rare is on pokerstars i think it has happened to me once before in five years not bad i would say . I contacted pokerstars to report my issue and they have given me a full refund for the tournaments i played even thou i cashed in one . Kudos to pokerstars and thank you the refund was very prompt and at pokerstars expense. To be honest i was not even aware i had asked for a refund but i got it all the same so thanks to the guys at stars .

Anyways time to go once again into the fray let battle commence look out tables here i come . comments are always welcome or pm me guys to let me know how bad my blogs are Take care and good luck at the tables .