Lying in bed listening to the sound of the morning chorus  a robin sat on my window ledge tilting his head looking at me clearly thinking what is that weird geezer with the wild hair looking at .My mind started to wonder as all dreamers do not to the chores and the day ahead but the heights of greatness and maybe one day winning a big poker title hey i said i was a dreamer .Then out of no where the love of my lifes chihuahua snuggles up to me with the sweetest smile ever she does not care about poker she only cares about how long she can have snuggled up under a warm duvet before getting up .

I have never really been a cat or a dog guy i just love animals , But if i have a preference it is a big dog every time never been a fan off little dogs . But that all changed when the crazy chihuahua moved in . She looks at me with the same bemused look my partner gives me when i talk poker . i say talk its  more at him about poker off course i got banned from talking about anything to do with poker years ago .

My partner does not play poker he showed an interest a few years ago but decided it was not for him. He likes out door pursuits staying in doors is not his idea of fun for hours on end . I first started learning how to play poker five years ago back  then still very much fun i never really took it seroiusly untill around two years back . I never really realised how much it would dominate my thoughts and how seroius i would have to be and how much work i would have to put in to get succesful make no mistake poker is tough . 

There comes a point in your poker development as a player that you decide do i just want to play just for fun or do i want to be succesful and maybe make a career out of it. . Where am i in my development i gave this a lot of thought i have made alot of mistakes it has been a steep learning curve for me . Five years later i never thought of making a career out of poker untill it became possible when i thought i was good enough .

Poker can be draining when you play alot yes the rewards are great no doubt but you have to have balance in your life . For me yes i want to be succesful do i want to make a career out of it no. Mainly because i can not put in the volume and when i do put in the volume it does not feel fun anymore it feels like work i never started playing poker to be miserable i lost my love for the game i hope to get it back . i want to play for fun and i dont think there is anything wrong with that but i do take my poker serious so just because most of us play for fun does not mean we do not want to be sucessful or win lots of big tournaments . 

Remember balance in your life guys poker will always be there . I wish you all happiness and success on your poker journeys but most of all enjoy yourself at the tables if your destiny is success it will follow as a fun player or seroius . Gotta go & take the chihuahua out as she is giving me that crazied look for walk time . See you in about an hour with the chihuahua sat on my lap as i play seroius fun poker .