Hi guys  little update ,

Tore my ligament in my knee at judo this week so that sucks . Running bad today and yesterday variance sucks as well

On the whole i think i have played pretty well cash game is improving all the time just have to remind myself to keep focused and positive too keep working off the table i am ripping my game to shreds at moment rebuilding it still making those silly mistakes sometimes but way less than ever before . Working hard at my game buy ins up so have to be happy not long to go till end of month and i am hoping to avoid variance for the reminder of month to make sure i finish month in profit and make it a great start to the year well at least for poker .

Did not think i would be playing tournaments much as cash has taken my focus but i have played a few  via all those lovely star coins i have amased playing cash sat into a few nice tournaments bigger than i normally play but no real cashes to speak off played pretty well thou. Got a second in one of the free roll tournaments heads up for second out of 5k field one of the poker stars giveway tickets . I am Striking a balance between cash and tournaments at moment and i am enjoying it . Still want to keep my focus on cash and become a fultime cash player but one that plays tournaments .

I seem to be more selective over what touraments i am playing now i like it . I never really wanted to give up playing tournaments i do enjoy the differences in cash and touranments and maybe one day i might bink one big tournament got a big bang main event ticket which is awesome so really want to do well in that as i have busted it a few times and missed playing it as it is on a saturday . 

So overall pretty happy but just a little frustrated last two days . Tilted a little earlier but on the whole i am getting a grip off it .Got abused bad in chat today really awful stuff worse ever had off someone i guess he was just tilting never said a word to him spoilt it a little for me today shocked at how vicious it was. .Poker brings out such passion in people and frustration understable i know where he is coming from everyone that plays poker does but there is a line and you should not cross it he did . I just know i am above that like 99.9% of players rant over .

On my way to silver star not far to go so should get there by the end of this week take care guys and do not cross the line it is supposed to be fun too I trully wish you all happiness in your lifes and great success in poker much love to you and yours thanks for reading .