Hi guys hope you are all well , i have been making the steady transition to cash this year as it will be my main focus i will still play tournament's and sng's but not as much . So far i have had a little success and some mixed results it really does seem to suit my game more than tournament's . I am still adjusting my game accordingly so far so good . For some reason i seem to be more focused and i have not even tilted even once . I have found the 6 max seems to suit my game much better than full ring at the moment i am enjoying it still learning and lots to improve on and no doubt a lot of hard work ahead pleased with my progress so far .

Got a couple of the free roll tickets and decided to enter a few free rolls cashed for a $1 in one and cashed in another for $3 then i  decided to play the pokerstars free roll  over 5404 players in heads up first was $50 and 50 sunday storm tickets very nice i played really well and got to the FT heads up took down second gutted got a little unlucky but overall played well adjusting to my opp style of play. So gutted but happy another $20 to add to the BR sweet not bad for no investment the 50 sunday storm tickets would have been awesome thou . 9 out of 10 heads up battles won so thats pretty nice espically in the manner i won those battles pretty sure it is the cash games that have helped me build on my reads and improve my play sng have given me a advatage i feel over guys heads up as you have more chances of being headsup in sng then tournaments and i have had chances to develop my headsup play overall thanks to sng's. 

Improving as a player using the guys in the forum who have been awesome in and instrumental in guideing me and improving my game so thanks guys .Lots of hard work to still put into my game but hoping to get there this year looing for massive improvement and to kick on this year . Hopefully that wont be my last ft in a tournament this year hoping it is a sign of things to come great start to year and pokerstars are running lots of promos which is great and thanks to those promos i have banked $40 so thanks pokerstars . Good luck at the tables guys . And thanks for reading .