I think some days it is good to get things off your chest . Poker is a game full off emotions but you have too take the emotion out off the decision making process put it too the back of your mind and except this is poker . But is this possible for me i doubt it .

None of us have a right to win every hand and yet sometimes i feel i do when busted by bad play from other players and yet this is off course how you make money in the long run by others making bad decisions when am i going to stop moaning about it !!! maybe i dont want to stop moaning  .

Yes poker can be the most frustrating game on the planet but it can also be the most enjoyable game . I think for some poker is just about winning money for sure the pros yes but for the rest of us it should be about fun if your like me who is very competitive who likes to be in control off all the variables which as we all know is impossible in poker it can be very frustrating for people like me .

Alot of people would say we just moan a lot yes we might but not because of what you think. it is about our desire to win even if it is a hobby guys like me do not really have hobbies like everyone else because we want to win at everything maybe we are just obessional maybe or just maybe we strive for perfection and hate to give up . I think it is ok to have a moan and get upset sometimes it just goes to show how this madness called poker inflames such passion in some of us.

I would rather be in the pool of players that do have that passion and raw emotion for the game then the ones who are wet blankets talking about stats and such like and quoting rhyme and verse out of some poker book like robots you know who you are . You know i love you guys but no offence leave us alone we just like to moan lol. 

Even thou this game is routed in gambling this is not the mark of why so many of us play it . The competion drives some of us and the desire to win . Others it will just be the money and lots of those have gambling addictions probably . I like many who do not play just for money can walk away anytime and most of us realizng the variables within the game can not be controlled probably will . Take care guys just my thoughts a little heavy i know .