I doubt i have ever played better in tournament's than this evening without making a FT .So many great chances to reach not just one but many Final tables got unlucky when ahead when deep so many times . Just when i needed to hold i didn't .No tilt in sight which is great i am so pleased with how i played making the big lay downs and when the chance presented i grabbed them .

Happy yes but really disappointed . I have been working on my mid tournament and later stages off tournaments . Started off playing my Fav Sng but was not quite clicking so i decided to knock them on the head and play tournament's this evening . And the tourament's clicked highest finish was 32nd busted lying 9th holding AA off all hands !!! twice now this week running deep AA let me down ran into the guy in 8th AJs busted me with running flush would have made me a huge chip leader . No regrets could have made the difference of me winning the tournament . At one point i thought i was in with a chance of winning the bounty tournament 245 out of 10.697 in end my QQ vs 66  

I have still much to learn but my tournament play is improving so many top 50 finishes tonight not so long back i would be happy to min cash now i am looking to win tournament's. I am running deep more often . The more i am running deep the more i am improving . Since i decided to close the table straight away after busting has helped tilt . I played just for fun tonight never took it too seriously . Just wanted to make the best decisions i could regardless of the results was very relaxed tonight been running again just felt good all round . 

Everything clicked this evening only thing missing was the FT . Maybe tomorrow open league tomorrow so better get to bed not sure if i can play enough games in the league to give myself a chance but who knows i guess i will see night guys take care and i wish you love to you and yours and much luck at the tables .