Hey Guys , 

My adventure into the open league has been much more than i first thought it would be when i entered to challenge myself to hit the prizes in less than a week . I have hit the prize money off course i have to maintain my position and hopefully get as high as i can with only a limited number of games . So my limited goal has been achieved so far .

It has become a learning experience . It has improved my note taking , Hand reading , Folding , extracting max value from hands and has even improved my tilt issues and improve my strategy .  I have neglected the open league for too long it has so much to offer you if your prepared to use it  I will try and learn as much as i can and look at leaks within my game . As the tournaments are free too enter and i can learn and improve my game while trying to go  for the gold and that sweet first place . It is a no brainer .

I have totally changed my mind about the league .And  guys if your like me who was sick of the bust outs in the league but failed too look at his game and blaming everyone for your own failing  Well here is your answer play the league improve your game . If you get busted getting it in good then so be it if it was the right decision you have to be happy with it. take care guys and good luck at the tables. meanwhile a couple of  folds i made earlier i would have found both these hands impossible to fold few months ago . So am i improving i hope so will continue to work at my game .