Hi Guys this is my update for the year . Overall it has been a massive education i have learned alot and my game has progressed beyond measure . My ROI is 45.1 for sngs and 442 ROI for Tournaments partly mainly to the couple tournaments wins i bagged . I have not faired so well cash games just under break even . I said in a blog or two ago i was going to concertrate on cash games but after tilt issues i decided to switch back to my fav sngs as i do not seem to have those same tilt issues playing them  . The mental side of the game still troubles me but i am finding ways of dealing with that better and for the most part works apart from a couple times i have lost it i have been keeping my cool .

Lost some of my database which sucks but i have played well over 300.000 this year which dwarfs anything previous not on a par with Full time grinders i know but massive for me as i have a job . I still struggle with questioning how i am playing when i hit a downswing  been in a slump for two weeks i took the whole week off and did not play . This week i came back reviewed my game i found i had slipped into a few bad habits without realizing  became results focused which is not good in poker i adjusted and worked on just making the correct decisions again after reviewing my game it breathed new confidence that i was not doing much wrong . This week i am back to winning ways increasing my BR by a third . I stress guys review your game when in a downswing you might pick up something that you did not realize you was doing .

I have learned an important lesson over the last couple of months everyone goes on about running like god . You do not have to run like god i am still winning my software says i should have won more chips and have got sucked out on my fair share late in touraments and it is heartbreaking but there is nothing you can do i look back at my decisions and most of the time i am happy so you just have to forget and move on.I Just focus on making the best decision regardless of outcome it will even its self out if you make more of the good decisions . Every one goes through bad spells i am learning it is part of the game and i have to continue to work at my game to make sure i am not making bad mistakes BR management was a big issue for most the year when i went on downswings i noticed . I have been working hard within my BR to stick to my own guidlines and i am achieving this . 

All my major goals have been achieved this year so i can be proud of that fact my goals were not big but achievable A tournament win i have a couple and a couple of final tables too play the most hands i have ever played to play the most tournaments to finish the year a winning player as it stands i am at moment to work at and improve all aspects of my game and i feel that major improvements have taken place . Dont blame the cards or bad luck look at your own game and seek to improve it . Take care guys and good luck at the tables