Dear fella sufferers, 

Do you after a day of poker feel like you have been kicked repeatedly in the nuts by a tiny little furry creature or as some might call the card deck .Oh how many times i wish i had hit the nuts instead of having mine stole by that pesky little creature .

The day started out pretty awesome had a walk through a beautiful wood early this morning in the autumn brisk air and that is when i saw him that big bushy tail blowing in the wind . Maybe i should have seen it as a warning for today

We all have our challenges the squirrel's is one of survival he is gathering nuts to get him through the coming winter so maybe donating my nuts occasionally to help him out isn't a bad thing if get to see him early next spring .

I guess poker is all about the nuts we can't have them all to ourselves we have to share as long as we all get our fair share . But when we do get the nuts it is all the more statisfying . 

So guys feel free to grab some of my nuts as long as you promise to give me some back and what any of this has too do with poker is beyond me but my message is there somewhere i think . 

take care guys . & gl at the tables