Hey guys looking over past blogs started to realize that I forgot something yeah it's great to set goals and have ambition within the game but for me personally i forgot enjoyment i have lost it . I have become too obessed about the game and have become results oriented i have started to neglect br managment  too .I don't get the same enjoyment out the game anymore because of partly my lack of discipline to walk away when on tilt  .

So today I am going back to basics and will try to remember why I started playing .I will take everything i have learned and combine it with the right decisions. Play only when I want to play, study when i want too and regardless of what happens at the table accept if I made the right decisions i should be happy and not react to abuse in chat or even start it to my shame .

I have amazing people in my life i am so lucky .So what if i lose a hand it's not the end of the world it certainly feels it at the time though . There is so much pain in this world so much suffering and I am complaining and moaning about a game pales into insignificance to that .I am lucky to live in a free part of the world free from torture and murder because of my beliefs. If i lost every hand forever to make this world a place without suffering i would. 

Today , tomorrow next week next month i just want to enjoy my poker weather i reach my goals, dreams or ambitions or not because when I walk away it doesn't matter because I am lucky in life and that is all that really matters this is a game a great amazing game but still a game its not life .

Today is the wonderful micro millions what better time to enjoy poker and bring my game back to the fun element  . Any final tables made fingers crossed  big ask i know but hey somebody has to win  50% to charity . Thankyou for reading guys and a special mention to everyone who works or is associated with Pokerstars making this the best poker site on the planet and putting up with us players can't be easy especially for the poor guys in customer service,forums and moderators sorry guys take care everyone. Good luck at the tables  have a great day much love to you and yours .