Hey guys not blogged for a while so i thought i would .I feel i am playing well making some good reads playing for me some of the best poker i have ever played .So really gutted just when i needed hands to hold at crucial times they didn't so that is a little gutting . But i am happy with how i am playing but if i am honest very frustrated just getting a little unlucky not much i could do about it . Just played couple of tournaments this morning ran deep in all of them so that was very pleasing and what was most pleasing was taking my opportunies when they presented .

My early tournament play and bubble play has always been good but it has always been the mid to late stages where i have failed i have worked very hard on this element of my game so this is what i am putting my deep runs down too . I am looking for some more deep runs and many FT in future fingers crossed. My BR is down this week and a little stuck  which is a little upsetting. Poker is a strange game sometimes when you have no right to win you do and  when your way out in front you can lose its gutting sometimes and i could cry but that is the nature of poker and it is something i continue to struggle with . Maybe i could have folded my way to the FT a month or two ago i might well have done .But that is not the direction i am taking my game and my new approach and hard work is paying off to a degree so i will stick with it and see .

Has not really been a great month BR wise but i feel i am playing better then ever just need the bigger results to come lots going on in my life at moment besides poker .I feel this is my year to step up so i need to keep the progress and not lose focus i want to keep my love for poker and not begin to hate it if the results do not come. I am putting pressure on my self this year because i need to take my self to the next level .Going to push on for the rest of the year and decide what i am going to do at year end with regards to poker many more hands to play before my decision .I will continue to work hard at my game .

Dreaming of success is simply not enough you have to work hard and have lots of motivation anybody who makes a profitable living from poker is a very unique and special person highly motivated to succeed willing to put whatever it takes into there game to achieve greatness they are a very selective few and i have great admiration and respect for them because few can do what they do .My biggest question for my self is do i have those same qualities they have I guess i am going to find out . I have never been content to be one of the many i hope to be one of the few lots of pressure then .Thanks for reading guys comments welcome

I wish you all a great day take care guys much love to you and yours .Good luck at the tables and i wish you every success on your own journeys in life and poker