Hi guys i decided that i needed to look deeper at issues and problems with my game . I have made advances and improved but to be a true winner at poker you have to take an honest look at your game constantly and work on those elements that we all tend to ignore .

If any of you are like me you have had issues with keeping emotions in check at the tables . I admit this is a huge part of my game i struggle with and it is so important as much as we all want to ignore it i am the biggest culprit of this . I have not always taken the advice from others when i should have done to advance my game even further i chose to nit pick those bits of information and help i liked and ignore the rest this i know is a clear mistake and a very silly and costly one . 

I feel i have neglected the biggest part of any poker players armour mental toughness . I learned the game i have done everything to improve my self as a player made huge leaps with progress to just destroy it all with letting the mental side of my game  cripple me over and over again. Today this stops i will work harder then ever to keep making improvements making strives to be where i want to be in poker . I aim to aspire to reach my goals in poker .And to achieve those ambitions within poker the areas i have neglected most will get the full attention they deserve alongside the other very important asspects of my game to continue my development .

To improve and to become a consistent winner improve and work harder then ever at my game.Work at the mental side and not ignore it . To take advice and post hands . Review hands consistently . Keep tight BRM . Accept that this is poker and i do not have a right to win any hand. To understand that it is the long term gain i am working towards not short term gain to be a winner in the long term. Too not be silly and argue in chat and allow my emotions to run riot because i think the other player played the hand bad . Too realize varience evens it self out in the long term . To not have an over inflated ego of how amazing player i am !!! to always strive to improve and learn from every hand played . Here begins my fresh start

Take care guys and good luck at the tables