Hi guys update on my poker journey i do not want my blog to be a moan about my luck i accept this is poker i enjoy writing the blog as it gets things of my chest and a way of me following my own journey and i enjoy the feedback also i can track what i am  thinking at the time . I like looking back at old blogs they do make me cringe sometimes lol but hey . And also to track how my week is going how i am feeling about poker and what my mood might be .I find it a good proccess so try it guys if you have not written a blog .I highly recommend it .

Ok where do i start has been pretty mixed week been running into a little variance since the middle of last week lost a couple of stacks not much i could have done happy how i played the hands . BR down on last week but still at all time high so should not grumble as many guys would love my dilema . After the high of two final tables and a 1st  last week in MTTs i turned my attention back to SNGS had a few final tables yesterday and a win or 2 . Not played much cash played a session on the regular tables was up around 4 stacks but got on the wrong end of a few when ahead pre, flop ,turn lol but hey that is poker . Have been making alot of tight folds of late and they have proven to be correct so alls good with my game . I think one of the hardest things for me to have leanrt about poker is knowing when to lay down a monster knowing your beat and it so hurts do not think i will ever get use to that pain lol.

I think i really need to decide what i am going to focus my energys on as i think this may be the cause of my little blip this week because i am spreading my self to thin i need to focus on one game type be it Cash, MTTs ,SNGS as when i was playing cash i was doing well i decided to switch for a week to tournments hence my win but i carried on playing those for another a week and found my self tilting the bust outs in tournaments are harsh when you have been playing for 6,7 ,8  hours and your so close to yet another final table it is heartbreaking ran deep quite a few times top 20 twice and inside top 50 & 100 quite a few .

If i am honest with myself i can not handle the downs in MTTS i enjoy every so often playing them . As for SNGS i love them but never going to get enough volume in and they are reg infested the higher you go i am very confident in my SNG game i know i am good and i have always made money in them but there are some excellent players in the higher SNG pools . So that leaves cash , zoom or regular tables hmmmm just started playing cash seriously only this year i have a 15bb winrate over 22000 hands so i have heard this is really good but i doubt this can be maintained  and i will need alot more hands to see if i will keep makng profit but my graph looks nice .

I have a tough decsion to make as i enjoy all the game types i am feeling pretty tilted tonight and tired from poker so after the next micro event which i have managed sat in too all first 5events for the price of $4 for a total buy in off $22 so not bad cashed in one so far and got unlucky in two spots running deep in event 2 and 3 . My next event is 5 so will be playing that hope to run deep but then thats it for poker this week so do not really want to finish this week slighlty down on BR as this wil be a first this year but i think it would be a mistake to play anymore tonight as i am only a little down i will look to make a decision on what game type i will focus on for the rest of year over the next few days. I guess my problem is i want to keep playing them all as i do not want lose touch and i am convinced all the different asspects of each game type has helped me in Cash, MTTS and SNGs  But i cannot continue like this as i am going to be a jack of all trades and not good at any of the games types so i need to specialize without doubt become a master of one i wish i did not have to choose but i do that time has come .

i am looking forward to some time away from playing and come back refreshed and excited for next week i intend to put in seroius volume next week i will put in some study as normal but no poker take care guys and much love and happiness to you and yours going to watch the eclipse tomorrow morning with the love of my life and spending time with her so i am outta here guys untill next time keep working at your game and much luck at the tables but not against me please lol your comments and advice are always welcome thanks guys take care