Hi guys not wrote a blog for a couple of weeks i have been working so hard at my game and spending time with my family not had much time to write . I decided the last week or so to concentrate on just tournaments as it has been nagging me that i had never reached a final table well everything has come together i have reached two in the last couple of days and this morning i have just finished playing for over 8 hours for 1st in a $2000  guaranted tournament i did a deal with a great guy to split the money took down $310 the money meant less to me than the win because that is what i wanted 1st  but the money is just a great bonus . I have been runnning really deep in tournaments of late since i started to focus on them . I finished 5th a few days ago i was gutted i have felt there was a win in me over the last week i knew it .


I have won lots of sit and goes and done very well at  cash this year as that has been my main focus my cash game has improved so much as i have been putting in so much work . I can not be more happy at moment my bankroll hasnt stop growing this year do not get me wrong guys i have been on the end of some bad beats but now i accept that is part of the game and i move on to the next hand i know that if i make more good decisons then my opponent i will win . i might have finally got my tilt problem under control  i now see this was responsible for my biggest losses I can not believe that my bankroll is at an alltime high. And i do not intend to let tilt take over and ruin everything i have worked at .

I have no doubt this will be one of many now i have broke my duck and made it too two final tables and picked up a tournament win . I would like to thank the awesome people like grips and xflix , nanononko , jason somerville , because these are the guys that changed my game i have taken there advice experience knowledge and added it to my game . My game this year has not only gone up a level it has gone 50 levels i need to keep working at my game not getting lazy . So my message is guys work at your game always because those that work hardest get the rewards . 

So looking good for the micromillions will be playing lots of them this year and maybe one day i can take down the sunday million who knows but that is my dream . So i will continue to push my game to the limits to acheive my ambitions. 

Good luck guys at the tables love and happiness to you all