OMG crazy zoom hey guys just been playing some of the madmans choice zoom to finish of week Wow not played for two weeks zoom forgot how crazy it gets in the evening !!! not as good as last time only a buy in down pretty brutal my QQ ran into KK twice managed to grind it back to one buy in. Never got anything or any opportunties only played around 600hands so not many ,


On the plus side ran deep in the $100k Privillage played really well 15000 odd runners decided to really pay attention as i very rarely do to this tournament if i am honest too busy playing sit and goes so it is a little distraction went for the win was not intrested in a couple of cents  i wanted first paid off took the right chances and opturtunties when they presented there selfs never missed out on trying to get chips took risks when i needed too and was still pushing at end got unlucky with a flip so ended up 585 but would have been higher if i did not decide to push for those chips for the final table lol i was 43 at one point and was in top 100 right up untill end just was not too be i guess but still picked up free money all good no matter how small and never rebuyed even once or even the addon .

Had deep run in the 10fpp tournament as well top 100 all the way pushing all the way to the bubble moved into top 50 i wanted to keep pushing new stack at table after i was chip leader for ages my AA ran into a pair of QQ and they hit there set on river busting me on the bubble could have made money but was pushing hard wanted to go for it so i am not upset i played well again,

Sit and goes all this week had couple of wins but it has been pretty break even this week really disppointed been playing some good stuff not sure what happened today all my big pairs AA KK QQ were all around 40% to 60% so gutted i did not reach my milestone this week just missed out . Great win earlier in the sit and go  on break it was down to headsup of course i clicked i am ready lol big mistake the guy started raising like mad because i was sitting out so i could not believe i had clicked ready when i was not !!! one of the hands was AA !!! that was instant folded to me not being seated i got back to table he had a massive 11 to 1  chip lead hence to say i turned it around and won even thou he did have a huge chip lead !!! i enjoyed that one  silly mistake i know i will not be clicking ready untill i am ready in the future.

Kept tilt pretty much at bay this week but have had a few rash moments need to get that really under control but it is getting there. Keeping tighter bankroll control early days yet lol learned some new stuff this week overall a disppointing week Bankroll slightly down was up a little today then dropped but hey that is poker i guess . Dropped the amount of tables i was playing yesterday and that worked really well i played some great stuff yesterday especially was on fire in the afternoon reaching loads of final tables but i think my focus has been off today so no more poker for few days. some small postives for the week so roll on next week pleased with my reads that is a massive plus .

Think i will stay clear of Zoom as people have forgot the fold button especially in the evenings hats of to you guys that earn your living from Zoom it is tough the beats are very puts me on tilt so no more me thinks lesson learned. Really happy back playing sit and goes again when i look at my record i am in the win $ column for them but only them sadly. They have changed alot but i am adapting just not faster enough. Watched xflix and grips and nano this week great vids the ones xflix and grips have been doing about the mental approach are brilliant and the twitch session they had for the first time was awesome hope they do it again thanks guys and especially for helping me and giving me guidence in my game. 

I wish you luck guys because sometimes you really need it . Happiness to you all in your lives take care see you all next week .