Hi guys not much going right this week playing some good poker feeling good the results not going my way at moment . This week is sucking eggs getting your chips in good against the maniac is always good being 81% fav and getting unlucky for the tenth time today not much i can do but just hope it starts going my way been looking at my hands not much doing wrong .

So have to keep the focus and keep working otherwise all the improvement i made last week will be for nothing just sounding off guys really biggest run of sit and goes losses i have ever had but i have to remind my self i must not become results oriented just make the correct decisions which i think i am at moment just getting on the wrong end of quiet a few this week .

Was scratching my head untill i looked at the data and i guess it is what guys call variance it hurts alot after all my progress last week but the week is still young bankroll dipping but i am not concerned not yet anyway .

Still think i am sticking with sit and goes for the rest of week like i decided last week thinking about cash but i may consider that towards end of week or next would like to play abit of omaha as well need to get better i would like to enter buy in tournaments maybe one day if i get good enough . 

So be back later in week take care guys .