Hi guys what.'s up lost alot of my focus over the last couple of months been playing cash games not normally my bag towards the end of last year i think in september i started playing a variety of games but without putting in the real hard work bemoaning my luck etc . Had quiet a few moans on my blog got lazy i have refocused studying harder learning from my mistakes in hands and that is what is important something i never really took the time out to do .

I have been studying lots more in depth things . I had become lazy never willing to put in the work keeping excellent bankroll management and going on tilt are too real biggies of mine they are also skills of which i fail at .   i have been watching some of the pros guys like flix i watched his lastest vid the other day dealing with tilt the mental side of the game i am realizing i have the correct tools to be good but without the mental side forget it your stuffed this is a biggie and probably for most of us take some time out guys to think about how you approach the game mentally because one of the lessons i have learnt recently is better mental approach . Fliix is awesome so if you have not watched any of his vids do it you will not regret it . Great guy you will learn alot.

I thought i sucked at cash games i realise i do not i just have not been appraching them in the correct way . I used to love sit and goes not tournaments so much , There are all different and you have to approach all of them different i thought i could just play cash like a sit and go off course now i realize you cant they are very different i have found a way of playing this week which i have enjoyed and it seems to be a winning formula for how long who knows you have to keep changing adapting to poker as a whole guys as the game is changing all the time what was good last year last month last week probably is not any good this week . 

Been a decent week mixed results but good great finish to week bankroll has doubled i am back playing sit and goes and have adapted big time as they have changed so much since i was playing them regular . I am starting to get results this week with them , I had to pull my game apart well it worked .i have adapted my style for cash that worked and for tournaments  hmmm they seem pretty elusive to me still qualified for the tcoop event 1 via sat decided to play rather then cash for tournament money . Glad i did i got ripped apart by the good tournament players thou the cards never really fell for me but i survived over an hour as it was a rentry lots of guys did rentry i didnt so i was really happy i played pretty well but it was not my day maybe next time it was great to play my first tcoop great experience .. I learned alot knew i should have borrowed pebbles lucky cat lol.

One really great thing this week was chatting to some awesome people in the chat during sats i guess the only thing spoilt my tcoop exprience today was a guy swearing at me going  on a rant so i decided i do not want to be the guy who moans about his luck or is abusive to other players i want to play in the right way 2015 is the first year i am truely setting goals they may be small but i think they are achieveable keep working at your game guys and do not forget the mental side as this is a bigger factor than you think . no more poker for me this week but back next week hoping to keep up the improvement Some fantastic people here so to those guys in particular and not the guy that told my dutch friend to go and get cancer i wish you luck and lots of happiness in your life take care guys ,