Hi guys just been playing one of the Tcoops sats played one yesterday and ran really close to getting the ticket for event 32  rebuy sat  was 1FPP buy in and a rebuy 732 runners and 12 tickets and 13th got you 472 Fpp .i only bought 1 rebuy at start to max my stack and i joined late and bought the addon and that was it total 3fpp anyways i played really well like i have all week in touranments cashed everyone not a lot but it all helps i finished 13th argh got the fpp that is the second time i have picked up a Fpp points finish in sats recently won over 600 that time . So i thought i would try and use them in a super sats hence to say at the first time of asking i qualified for event tcoop 1 $27 rebuy do not play many sats but i was insipred by one of the blogs i recently read so my aim was to qualify for at least one event in the Tcoop but hopefully i can qualify for a few more via the sats as most of the buyin are beyond me sadly . I have a tough decision do i play in the Tcoop 1 event i have qualified for or do i cash for tournamnet money to use to build my bankroll and buyin too cheaper tournaments there by giving myself more of a chance to cash in more tournaments or do i go for it in event 1 it would be my first ever Tcoop is the oppurtunity too good to throw away . what do you think guys any advice would be great . I wish you all happiness in your lifes and Good luck at the tables