hey guys been a bad couple of weeks my card got fleeced couple of days ago the bank say it looks like it was cloned cleaned me out so that sucked big time along with the session !!! and the weird thing about it was they was betting sites never placed a bet in my life ever !!! fingers crossed i should get my money back .So heads up be very careful with your card details .Anyways hey guys does this ring a bell whilst on tilt  . 

1) do you Seriously consider shooting your self in your head , (not a good choice but a simple solution to never going on tilt again.) 

2) banging your head off the montior or brick wall  what ever you prefer !! (but could mean a trip to A&E )

3) jumping off the nearest building (could get messy correction will get very messy)

4) screaming very loudly waking the neighbours (depends how big your neighbour is as you really do not want another trip to A&E) 

5) kicking a wall or door or maybe the tv .(could be costly )

6) wake the girlfriend up to start a debate of how you was cheated for the tenth time that week (And risk being single) 

 If you have any more sugguestions please drop me a line .I will give all sugguestions serious consideration for my next tilt .

Anyway seriously i aim to do none off the above but it is hard guys as we all know .  how bad does your tilt get  just sat wondering what you guys do to combat tilt and how bad does the tilt get for you would love your comments . Thanks guys take care and good luck at the tables .