I have decided to knock cash games on the head do not think my style of play suits it . Enough is enough back to 45 man sit and goes which i love not played many this year but getting results again the few i have played this month and just picked up a 2nd and a third happy days nearly got rthe win but not quite , 3 final tables in 7 to go with 4 final tables out of 5 in the 180 sit and goes . Yep it is good to be home need to get back my focus and work on my sit and go game again . Sadly cash games just have not worked out for me given it pretty much the year , So that is it short and sweet take care and good luck at the tables guys , Boy the sit and go tables have changed !!! , oh one final thing guys whats with all the limping in early position and then shoving on flop!! it has been doing my head in cash games and the Rerasing out of the small blind and big blind seems to happen every other hand in cash crazy !!! .