Hey guys not wrote for a while thought  it was time lol . Been playing some of the crazy zoom think i am addicted it is fast and got me a load of FPP so that was nice . But it is so harsh lost to quiet a few horrible hands and coolered loads you know the standard set kings  into a set of AA i have been playing them pretty well but every time i seem to be ahead i am not. and when you have the nuts very rare anyone has anything to call or you get a tight player and not the maniac oh how you want the maniac on the river lol   been playing around you know 4 bets and 5 bets  from the sb quiet a lot surpised me lots of folds from guys stealing . I like it but my bankroll is gutted again i guess there are guys that make money from these but every time my bankroll gets a boost i get kicked in nuts every time !!! poker eh? sucks sometimes .

Oh how i wish the RNG would give me a break because i really think it has it in for me the last month maybe for years  lol sigh !!! started closing my eyes now on the river oh wait a minute i mean the flop the turn and the river lol i can not take it . I guess it is the old little annoying thing called bankroll management that like alot of guys i really do not have a grip on . I do not feel i have been playing that bad too be honest . Like everyone some days you can be fearless and make the right plays even with your eyes shut  .

No doubt clearly poker is indeed a game of skill and making the right moves at the right time and a lot of luck with the right hands  . I guess this is my be my problem no skill lol i am getting there thou.  i am at the stage where i am making those big folds when i need to and being aggressive and passive mixing it up trying to work out my fellow player . No  body said poker was easy sometimes you need that little luck and i know i have had my little share like everyone else so when i start to go on tilt i do walk away and then i remind myself that when i flopped a set QQ and the other guy had AA and times i have hit flushes and straights and won with a silly hand we have all done it .

Is everyone the same or is it just me i start doubting how i am playing when i go on a losing streak . But i am studying watching trying to learn as much as i can it is frustrating even thou you know your a better player then you was a year a go or  3 years ago the rewards do not seem to be coming often  . There is no doubt looking back at a lot of my hands that i have played some great poker and had spme amazing reads and lay downs. I got to my first final table on another site in a field off 5095 players and finshed 5th going out with AQs to 94o form the bb he was the big stack i was gutted i won $600 only been playing there 4 months so maybe i am going in the right direction just wish it was on this site the best site on the planet for me even if the RNG hates me lol .