Crazy thing happened tonight . I have only just stop laughing i am playing a 50c 180sit&go & playing really nicely building a nice stack the blinds go up  too 80/120  i think and i start opening my range up to reflect the blinds and i decide to raise 2 &half  big blinds from the cut off  the guy on  button has been playing a little loose  but  the blinds  have been tight. i decide to steal with J3 suit  the button reraises allin the blinds get out the way .

Too be honest i was not too worried as the button had reraised allin a few times and had normally shown small pairs and silly things like 95 off suit . he had me covered in chips and he was clearly bullying table . If i win hand it puts me in good postion in tournament .

So i think to myself maybe i should fold but someting inside me is screaming call because of  information i had on the villian i think at worst i was just behind so i think i said sod it not very poker savy i know . He turns over deuces i hit the 3 on the river he berates me and says i am a fish and tells me i am not going to win tournament !!! lol Guess what i won lol !!!!!! IRONY !!!!!!!  he so rude in chat box i just sent him smiley faces lol poker eh?? lol been struggling of late so was nice to return to winning ways and get a laugh along the way .Maybe i did get lucky but i think i was owed that one after crashing out in an earlier tournament  with AA too 73 lol so maybe the call was more tilted lol !!! anyways set me up nice in tournament  


Good luck guys at the tables and remember if you get a rude one put him in his place and just win !!! have a great day guys peace to all