Hi guys just wanted to share with you some of the results of the last few days since i have been putting in more time and effort into plugging my leaks .And i believe that because i am focusing more and looking at how i am playing my sessions already it is bearing fruit . Dont blame the software guys and i am certainly guilt of that . Look at what you are doing and learn from it .

I have improved my game so much this year but i have gone on tilt way too many times and because of that i have not been paying attention to what is really happening on the table .So any good play has all gone to waste .And my leaks creep into my game when i am on tilt and that has cost me money .After playing well and going on tilt to one hand where i got really unlucky .I have started to take stock and i know i play well when i am focused and not on tilt, I make sure i do not overplay and i am refreshed .

Along with the above  i bought some software and limted the time i play and spent just as much time studying my game and i was suprised really surpised where i was leaking .And i have spent time very recently on taking myself to the next level for my game the aim is to keep on improving .

I have been playing 45 and 90 sit and goes already of the last week i have felt good about my game and running deep .But in the last 24 hours i have hit 7 final tables in 16 and winning one my very first been close few times but never a win you might all say the cards where just with me no guys i might have agreed with you a month ago but this for me was very different i played looking for those opportunitys that presented themselves at the table that for some reason i was missing . I played solid not always having the best hand but looking at the player and all the other factors.There was alot of times i just did not have hands it was a grind at times so i just looked to where i could gain those chips when i did not have hands. 

The disappointing thing about this year is the missed opurtuntiys i am really angry with myself becuase if i had not been going on tilt i would have been a winning player this year .And that alone is my fault not the software do not get me wrong i have had some awful bad beats over the last couple of weeks like my set of aces being beaten by quads queens .And the very next hand aces again being beaten by a ten high flush on the river same as the queen on the bubble after being 2nd in chips that was 3 days ago jand in my results tonight there was some shockers but you just got to forget it guys it happens .And i am learning to do that and one of those i have learnt do not blame the software it sucks yeah . But for order for me to improve i have to keep improving my game regardless. 

So good luck guys at the tables and i hopefully i can keep this up and if i keep working at my game i know i can. Going to finish the year strong .