It is never easy admiting your no good at something   . And i guess i have to admit to myself this wonderful game of poker  that i really use to enjoy and had a deep passion for maybe is not there anymore . I think deep down i have lost my love of playing it all looked so diffrerent when i started playing nearly three years ago on the site inside the first few months nice wins . But after all the hard work i have put in trying to become a better player seems to have been a waste of time . Because i have hardly won anything to shout about now i know more about poker compared to when i first started playing. I am at a loss to eplain why i seem to be doing so badly a few good cashes for a few days and in profit followed by big losses . I am down to my last 20 dollars and for me that is it . No more deposits . So once that is gone who knows . But as it stands right now looking at 25 sit and goes without a cash my worst ever maybe  time to pack it in . Another thing i miss is when guys use to chat at table now not many chat and if they do it is just to be rude .Poker has changed so  much in the short time i have been playing Thank you for reading guys just wanted to get it off my chest .And i wish everyone luck at the tables because you really need it sometimes .