Poker argh !!! played some awesome poker last week to win a nice little sit and go . Then i thought in my wisdom yesterday i would hit the cash tables did really well for about 2 hours increased my bankroll by a third playing some nice poker and then nothing went right !!! spent 4 hours losing half my bankroll just seemed to miss every flop ran into a hand everytime even when i had big they always had bigger not sure were i went wrong but i know one thing i must have gone on tilt !! really angry with myself trying to blame players for hitting runner runner and calling raises with nothing trying to hand out a poker lesson . But i am the one who got the poker lesson just nothing went right clearly tilted have to learn from this because i am not going to be playing poker anymore if i lose my bankroll just could never justify anymore money . I have to know when i am on tilt and learn from this or i wont have a bankroll to play with .I guess i could blame the cards players etc its a fix .But deep down i know nobody made me put the money in the middle just not my day but maybe tomorrow might be you never know the big win could be around the corner i would wish you guys luck at the tables but after yesterday get stuffed i will keep my luck for myself lol take care guys and love to you and yours and thanx for reading .