Hi Guys just wanted to share my thoughts with you and if you have any comments that would be great.

i guess i have been playing pretty well last few weeks picked up a nice sit and go win other day  and made some money at the cash tables and i am really starting to believe its because i have stopped  being results oriented !!never really realised i was results oriented !! but boy it is so hard not to be . But i found that was one of the pieces missing from my game that because i was so results oriented it stoppped me from taking those opportunitys when they prestented themselfs and by not being results oriented i feel that i have been more able and less afraid to make those moves and play with the freedom that i want . i have been playing poker for two years now i have come so far from being the fish at the table and no matter what anyone says we all have been the fish at one stage . I have stopped going on tilt it still hurts but lately i have seen that the cards sometimes are agianst you and there is not much you can do !! but on the other hand they can run for you !! I use to think what kind of player do i need to be to win at poker . But then i realised in the last few weeks i dont need to adopt a style i need to  play all styles depending on the table to become a consitant winning player . I still have so ​much to learn my bankroll is the best its ever been and i need to keep learning and studying. If i am honest like alot of guys as soon as the cards went against me oh god its rigged !! off course now i know its not pokerstars is a great site and what alot players forget is pokerstars only deals you the cards its up too you what you do with them 

thanx guys for reading and good luck at the tables