played 3 events so far won 2 tickets via sat so that was pretty great cashed in 2 of them  tourament play seems pretty solid but its just finding the time to play for that long gutting getting deep into a tourament then busting . But really nice to be winning fingers crossed it continues really proud that i got 1280 someting out of 75000+ players and another top finish around 2220 something out of 30000+ players . I am begining to think my style of play is more suited to tourament play then sit and goes which i love but never seem to cash in them as much as touaments . begining to think about the main event would love to play it . Really pleased with the way i have played some great folds and reads . Need to think more about not going on tilt lol which can really hurt your bankroll managment . good luck guys at the table and thanx for reading love to you all and those at pokerstars thanx guys for a great set of touraments that allow the little guys to get some serouis cash or even just to dream about winning big .