god why does going out on the bubble hurt so much after having poor results yesterday i thought i was owed this one !!! played so well !!! cannot belive again my monster runs into a made hand again !!! cruel poker is so cruel sometimes i guess thats another one chalked up!!! early on blinds small i might have folded !! but not this late in a tournament !!! if your folding queens would have to walk away from poker alltogether !! i was shortstacked so i feel i had no choice !! comments guys if you have any not been my week !!! good job i have good bankroll management lol or i would be broke at this rate !!!! the run goes to what i thought was 6 after yesterday is in fact 6 today lol !!! but its good that i have felt i have played well today i guess a postive right? 14th !!! just so gutted after reaching 5 final tables out of 6 but nothing last 6 lol funny game poker !!! and i only lost two showdowns played strong today .So the results will come back just got to believe right guys? good luck at the tables guys and as always love from the diva x