Thank you guys for the advice you give me on my last blog and i think you guys may be on too something . I have been playing really well this year ROI at one point was over 300 but with the run i have just had today . Very frustrating no itm today which seems to happen once a month  not quiet sure whats gone wrong today .Just been looking at the data looking for leaks etc  i thought maybe i was on tilt even though i dont feel as though i am .But looked at the data and it says my play is  pretty much be solid to how i have been playing all year getting to the later stages of tournaments. So thats a postive i guess my play has really come on this year its my 26month  of playing so i have been pleased with my progess esp in cash . I think today and over the past weekend alot of calling stations great in cash shorthanded but in tournaments ? 3 calling or sometimes the whole table lol not that good !!! even with Aces maybe that was the diffrence today Like you said in your comments in my last blog guys i have just got to step away for a day or two .I have been doing really well at the cash tables so maybe i might just stick to those from now on or just for a little while . The last few days has knocked my confidence and i know in poker thats not good !!! so going to step away and return in a few days maybe good luck at the tables guys but not too much playing me please So if this how pokerstars really plays gives you a hot streak and then gives you a bad streak a few times a month i dont know guys but checking over the past 26 monthsi have noticed it !!! the jury is still out for me . But i really hope not because i guess that would imply that the site is rigged and i am not sure i believe that its got to still be about the skill level hasnt it ?But god i wish oh how i wish the dealer at pokerstars would deal me better cards more often lol sick of getting 10 5 off suit 82 off suit 48 suit offsuit 103 off suit hand after hand on the trot example in one tournament in the space of 7 hands i had 82 in 5 of those lol pretty random ? yet a guy today got aces twice on trot god i need to start rubbing the buddha lol i still love you pokerstars but please change the dealer x